Barcelona, Spain

The tan eventually faded but the memories we made in fourteen short days will last forever. I posted a few photos I took on here back in December but my computer is still flooded with them, so I thought it was time for me to write about the most amazing days filled under the sun, exploring the cobbled streets and eating my way through Italy. This is my Mediterranean guide. For Spain.

Barcelona was definitely my favourite city that we visited. I loved it because it felt like we were living there. We had a small apartment with two giant white beds in the city on this busy street filled with scooters, cafes and high end shops. I instantly fell in love with walking to the grocery store to buy peaches and yogurt or figuring out how the subway worked with all of the colours and lines spreading all over Barcelona. Soon we were riding it, off exploring the city. This was the best opportunity to people watch. Noticing the Spanish locals curious at how I was moving around with my music playing in my ears. I smiled at them. The Boqueria market was loads of vibrant, colourful fruits and vegetables which immediately made you happy. Any type of fruit that you could imagine was there. Walking through the Gothic quarter along the crooked stones, locals clothes lines hanging above our heads from flower balcony to the other and all of the buildings were old and full of history. Prancing through the Picasso museum where we walked through rooms and rooms full of brushstrokes of a man's imagination gone wild. We visited La perdrera, Gaudi's architectural masterpiece, La sagrada familia church which honestly looks like a drippy sandcastle, and parc de la ciutadella which was an endless sea of trees and greenery. Barcelona treated us well! Don't forget to get drunk on sangria if you ever visit. It was a whirlwind of culture, people, the best food I have ever eaten, cafes, ice cream every day and exploring. These are all the photos that I took!

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  1. Looove this post! I too hope to travel and this has just made me want to even more! Also, the ceiling in that cafe is CRAAAZY ! Love it ;) xoxo

  2. Hi Isobel, thank you so much it means a lot :) I know I'm always in a constant state where I want to go somewhere different! Your blog is great!

    Davina x

  3. I have never been to Barcelona, but really want to go! These pics look so gorgeous and so many of my friends have praised it over the moon! What was your favourite thing about Barcelona?

  4. the cafe is so amazing! i want to go there someday! and also the places look so fun! take me there :(
    have a great day

    1. Hey Evelyn, thank you and maybe one day we'll go :) They have so many cool sites in Barcelona

      Davina x have a great weekend

  5. Hi Lii, awe you should go it's brilliant over there! Thank you so much tell your friends that too :) My favourite thing was probably chilling on the rooftop at La pedrera the view was crazy!

    Davina x

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    and I follow you back :)

    With love.


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