Feeling like Selena Gomez in Monte Carlo

I remember landing in Villefranche, France in the morning which is a little town by the Côte d'Azur, heading left is Nice and right Monte Carlo. 

It was so beautiful with endless sunshine and blue everywhere. We spent the morning hanging out relaxing on the beach. The warm sand under my feet, some french girls in itty bitty bikinis looking like supermodels and I was channeling my inner mermaid swimming in the French sea. I laid under the hot sun turning a golden brown reading my book without a care in the world. The salt water detoxed my skin, I had an unbelievable view and I felt like a surfer with crisp beach hair (the best kind). We walked along the town looking into shops selling Italian cotton everything and Villefranche was showered with bright purple flowers. I bought the prettiest yellow dress which will always remind me of The French coast. We tried coconut ice cream which was delicious... so naturally we had another then we were off to see Monaco. First thought was I felt like Selena Gomez from that movie. Second thought was yeah these people were rich!!!! Monte Carlo was breath taking, clean, and full of luxury. The streets were lined with gold rimmed designer shops, a Laduree cafe, stunning white carousel and palm trees on every corner. The city was kept perfect. I saw Leonardo di Caprio's yacht- I mean I'm still bummed out I didn't see Leonardo di Caprio. The taxis were of course your typical Bmw, Audi and Mercedes Benz and I learned that only 3% of the population works in the city... straight goals. We visited the prince's palace which looked like it came right out of a movie, explored the botanical garden which was the most beautiful place I have ever walked around. I could not be more peaceful staring at flowers and green cactus plants. I saw the Hotel de Paris like from Selena's movie and went to the bathroom at the Monte Carlo Casino with Ferraris lounging around on the front lawn. Did you know that Grace Kelly was the princess of Monaco? The view was fantastic. It was this lux city, sky scrapers and tall glass buildings lined with yachts and bars along the ocean with these misty green mountains in the background. Our time was short and sweet in Monaco. And be sure to visit the aquarium there too because that jellyfish exhibit looked amazing.

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  1. I so want to visit Monte Carlo!



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