One Day We're Gonna Live In France


In 2011, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to France with my friends! I was in Gr. 9 French immersion and the teachers had created a French Exchange trip with College St. Joseph, a little school in Desvres, France. It was all so exciting at the time. My best friend Claire and I signed up right away and after countless meetings and preparations with the group, Mme put everyone with their french exchange partners. Then on November 10th, as a group of 30 students and four teachers, we started something unforgettable. The most wonderful 10 days of my life! Just keep reading to see.

After a long trip, we had finally arrived at College St. Joseph and met our french partners. My partner's name was Alice Henot. I stayed with her, her mum, her dad and her brother Florien. So on my first day there, Alice showed me around the house and then my bedroom. I remember baking a chocolate cake with Alice since it was her dad's birthday. It was actually my very first time baking a cake. We went on a long walk and I told her about Canada, For supper, we had "les crocs" which were little sandwiches with butter, ham and cheese. Later I gave her and her family presents from Canada.

So we were suppose to spend the next few days with our french partners which was exciting. Alice and her mum were great and took me every where! The second day there, we went to Boulognes, a small city near Desvres. We went to museums, Nausica Aquarium, little markets, boutiques and we saw the French sea as well. The best part was getting to try the recipes her mum would make for supper.

On Saturday we went to Touqet which is another small city in France. The day consisted of visiting the flea market, a traditional fish festival and we went to a few art museums in Calais. The architecture there was beautiful.

Now, the best part was that Alice was best friends with Justine who was Claire's partner. So everything worked out quite nicely. We spent a lot of our week together, the four of us! We went shopping together! Alice and Justine showed us all their favourite places. I remember loving Pimkie, New Look, Camileu and H&M. Claire and I spent so much money on clothes.

Sunday we went skating, had a traditional french breakfast where we cooked potatoes and cheese on ovens. That afternoon, Alice and I went to Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez. Did I mention yet that everyone loved Nutella in France? We had it everyday for breakfast, they were sold on crepes. It was like their maple syrup.

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