I'm writing for a magazine in Australia called DRAFT


I'm super excited to say that I'm apart of the DRAFT magazine team and I will be writing for them. I can't believe this is happening because I've been working on my article all summer and things are happening now.

So you're probably asking what is this magazine? The first thing is that it's created and based in Sydney, Australia which I find ridiculously cool because I want to go to Australia so badly.

"DRAFT Magazine aims to give young people a voice, encouraging them to inform their peers about social and political issues of their choosing. 

We’re a small team, but we have a big dream. Currently, there’s a need for a platform that provides information to young people. People always say our generation is the future, and when you think of it like that, we as a collective can't afford to be ignorant. We're discussing topics that aren't discussed - they're controversial, they're underground, they're ignored. We’re young, some may argue this is to our advantage, but who better to speak to young people than young people. We have contributors from the ages of fourteen to twenty five. From Melbourne to Canada. From Indigenous Australians to Americans. Both men and women. So many different voices, but we’re working together as one.

Our inaugural issue, 'DRAFT #1' is titled, 'The Kids Are Alright' - to prove to the Baby Boomers and Gen X's in our life that, the kids are gonna be okay."

I am so excited to share this with you guys. I think this magazine has similar style to Nylon or Rookie Mag or even Lenny Letter by Lena Dunham and we are writing about stuff that matters. I'm looking forward to give a fresh perspective. My article is called Storks don't bring babies and will be featured in the first ever magazine and I wrote about the maternal and newborn healthcare crisis in west African countries and the need to bring awareness to it.

Here is our website go check it out 

Stay tuned,
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  1. OH MA GOSH DAVINA THAT'S SO FREAKIN' AMAZING. I love that your article is on something so important, and that there is a magazine focusing on this. SO MUCH PRIDE FOR YOU GIRL. I can't wait to read it, I'm sure it will be amazing <3

    Love always,

    Anne // www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much Anne. Wow this means a lot!


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